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                                        LATEST          PRESS

Wow, we were stunned by this cool Trailhead Tea inclusion in December's Sedona Monthly. We were hoping for a mention, but didn't expect this.

We made the HOT LIST in Sedona Monthly magazine! They were very kind to feature us on page 37 of this month's (July/August 2013) "Choice Vues" section.

HOT TEA.  This one is for you, tea connoisseurs.  Trailhead Tea offers everything you need to brew the perfect cup including this BPA-free Tea Traveler, an insulated travel mug that let's you brew 12 ounces of loose-leaf tea and take it to go.  Store your tea in airtight glass jars treated to block harmful UV rays and keep your tea fresh.  The black, green or herbal loose-leaf or bagged teas are named for local trailheads and come in plastic bags and Tins (pictured here).  Available at TRAILHEAD TEA. 251 SR 179 at Creekside Plaza (928-282-9832)